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surgery needed for mountain dew mouth

debbieann started this conversation

I am still looking for help for my son.Most days he can not get through a full day at work for the heat.It makes him sick and it gets unreal. I am hoping a dentist or someone that can help him see this mountain dew mouth syndrome is nothing to fool with! I found a dentist that would do his surgery and get new teeth for 2.000. we are trying to raise it now. God bless all that cares, I thank you for reading this today.Pass it along thank you

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I have a friend who last I heard from is going through a lot of pain due to rotten teeth and I don't think it was from drinking soft drinks but the pain this person is in, isn't good. It is I imagine the pain your son is in.

I am waiting to hear what the dentist said helps or if this person had to go to the hospital due to the pain. I have two new cavities one is at the baseline ich and I was eaing some candy once in a while but stopped that and use Stevita to put in coffee or dilute fruit juice drinks as too much sugar is not good for the teeth depending on genetics too. I know someone who can eat anything and his teeth are perfect and he brushes them once a day...

Take care and good luck


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